Why social changes go hand in hand with the law?

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Law is a norm of conduct for the citizens of any country. It is a guideline for everyone to maintain social harmony and accord. It is difficult to even imagine a world without law and order. These things are certainly essential for our survival and overall well-being.

Here are some of the functions of law:

  1. Law defends us from criminals

One of the most basic functions of the law is that it defends us from those who seek to harm us in any way. It doesn’t allow any of the citizens to engage in criminal activities, irrespective of the cast, creed, color, gender, etc.

  1. It promotes good things

Law promotes good activities and brings wrong doers to justice. It encourages people to do the right things and stops them from doing immoral activities. The success and growth of a nation largely depends on the maintenance of law. It also serves as the protector of wealth for the citizens.

  1. It brings social change

Law acts as an agent of modernization and social changes. It eliminates inhuman practices like untouchability, child marriage, sati, dowry, etc. It protects the weak and vulnerable sections of the society and provides dignified existence to everyone alike.

The important relationship between law and society

Law is a social science, characterized by effort and adjustment. It has a complex vitality of a living organism. It moves us in a direction that is assumed decent by most of us, and prohibits from adhering to what we assume as immoral activities.

The members of a society are entitled to make social rules, and disobedience to these set of rules is followed by punishment. On the other hand, law is enforced by the state for progress and development with security and reliability.  Thus, it is correct to say that both the things go hand in hand, and are equally important for a society to live with prosperity.

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